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Naracoorte Sale

L12 Top Price
Lot 4 – Sold for Top Price 2017 of $17,500 to Pridham Family, Nentoura Shorthorns, FRANCIS.

Naracoorte Shorthorn Unled Bull Sale – 2019

Thursday, 28th March 2019 – Pathfinder Sale Complex, Tivers Rd

With the Naracoorte Sale having moved to the Pathfinder Complex in 2015 to become an Unled Sale it has allowed us to run all our bulls as one contemporary group and only separate the bulls we offer for sale in the last few weeks leading up to the Sale. It gave us a bit better picture as to how they run as a group as we would normally be breaking them in a few months before but in reality they are a fairly even line throughout.

The muscle content and fat cover on the bulls are always good when we scan them in October which we think is indicative of our breeding program.

The Shorthorn breed is gaining back momentum and with the release of a Branded Product, Thousand Guineas, and the interest in Shorthorn genetics by processors it is an opportune time to put these types into your breeding program.

Please click on the links below to view animal details.

Thank you to all buyers and underbidders for supporting the Sale in 2019.

Lot 5 Bayview Benchmark N46 (P)
SOLD – G M Butler & Sons, Naracoorte, SA – $6000.
Tremendous carcase shape with positive fats. Ranked no. 1 in the breed for EMA for 2017 drop calves. Top 1% Carcase, MCW & RBY. Top 5% 600wt. Top 10% Rib fat, 200wt, 400wt, Scrotal, Domestic & Export Indexes. Top 25% Rump fat.
Class winner at Adelaide Show.
Semen tested.

Lot 6 Bayview Winston N24 (P)
SOLD – Liberty Charolais & Shorthorn Stud, WA – $17,500.
An easy doing bull with presence and do-ability. Top 1% Scrotal. Top 10% Rib and Rump fats, Days to calving. Top 20% All indexes, 600wt. Top 25% 400wt, Calving ease.
Full brother sold at last years sale for $6000.
Semen tested.

Lot 7 Bayview Ryder N79 (P)
SOLD – Gary Andrew, Earlston, VIC – $7000.
An eye appealing sire with length. Top 5% 400wt, IMF, MCW. Top 20% 200wt, 600wt.
Maternal brother sold for $7000.
Semen tested.

Lot 9 Bayview Bourbon N49 (P)
SOLD – Mark Del Fabro, Naracoorte, SA – $11,000.
Deep red bull with shape. Top 15% Rib and Rump fats, IMF, 400wt. Top 20% Scrotal. Top 25% All indexes.
Sire sold at Naracoorte for $8000 after using over heifers.
Semen tested.

HT N^26_L
Lot 27 Bayview Washington N26 (P)
SOLD – Langkine Pastoral, Millicent, SA – $6000.
Top 15% Calving ease, MCW. Top 20% 600wt, Gestation, All indexes. Top 25% 400wt, IMF.
Maternal brother sold here last year for $8000.
Semen tested.

HT N^21_L
Lot 28 Bayview Bradman N21 (P)(AI)
SOLD – Blackmore Props, Kingston, SA – $7000.
Easy doing, moderate Zeus son. Top 1% Rib and Rump fats. Top 5% Days to calving. Top 10% 200wt. Top 15% IMF, MCW. Top 20% Scrotal, Dom Index.
Semen tested.

HT^ N1_L
Lot 29 Bayview Becker N1 (P)(AI)
SOLD – S & A Barlow, Deniliquin, NSW – $7000.
Low birth weight, early maturing son of Bayview Unique K11 who sold for $30,000 and first son sold at Dubbo last year for $12,000. Top 5% IMF. Top 15% Rump fat. Top 20% Rib fat, Gestation.
Semen tested.

HT N104_L
Lot 30 Bayview Adelaide N104 (P)
Maternal brother sold at Naracoorte for $11,000. Top 10% Rib and Rump fat, Calving ease. Top 15% IMF, 400wt, Domestic Index. Top 20% Gestation. Top 25% Nth Mat Index, Days to calving.
Semen tested.

HT N141_L
Lot 31 Bayview Sherriff N141 (P)
Sire sold at Belmore Sale for $14,000 after using over heifers. Top 5% MCW. Top 10% Milk, Carcase wt. Top 15% 200wt, 400wt, 600wt. Top 20% Rib and Rump fats. Top 25% IMF.
Semen tested.

Bayview Unbelievable L12 – Top Price Bull 2017 – sold to Nentoura Shorthorns for $17,500
L12 Top Price

Bayview Ryder G39 – Junior & Grand Champion 2013

Nara 2013 J&GC

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