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Belmore Bull Sale

  Thursday 27th April 2017 – Naracoorte

Bayview would like to thank Belmore for asking us to be involved with their unled sale and appreciate the opportunity to allow us to put our genetics on display.

Details of bulls that were offered and sold at the 2017 sale are below.
Bayview thank all Buyers and Underbidders who helped support the 2017 Sale.
Lot 25
Bayview Travis L53 (P)
Outstanding sire prospect. Used in our herd last year at Bayview. Tremendous carcase shape and depth of body.
Top 5% Milk, Carcase wgt. Top 10% 400D, 600D wgts, Scrotal, Days to Calving, Rib/Rump Fat and Domestic & Northern Maternal Index’s. Top 20% EMA.
Lot 26
Bayview Randall L54 (P)
A very powerful Hurricane son with a huge hindquarter and wide topline. Maternal brother sold for $10,000 at last years sale.
Top 1% EMA, RBY, Carcase wgt. Top 10% 200D, 400D, 600D wgts, Export & Northern Maternal Index’s.
Lot 27
Bayview Unreal L81 (P)
A real free moving bull with a fantastic side on profile and depth throughout. Full brother sold for $5,500 at last years Naracoorte sale.
Top 5% Gestation, Days to Calving. Top 10% Milk. Top 20% Scrotal.
Lot 28
Bayview Windsor L102 (P)
A bull showing excellent muscle expression with a big hindquarter. Very eye appealing type that could be the bolter of the team.
Top 5% Mature Cow wgt, Days to Calving. Top 10% 200D, 400D, 600D wgts, Carcase wgt. Top 15% Gestation. Top 20% Northern Maternal Index’s.
Lot 29
Bayview Newcombe L36 (P)
A very free moving bull with a lovely slick coat and soft skin. Maternal brother sold at Dubbo for $6,750.
Top 1% Milk, Scrotal. Top 5% Days to Calving. Top 20% Gestation, Calving Ease DIR.
Lot 30
Bayview Warlock L27 (S)(AI)SOLD PRIOR TO SALE
An outcross bull for us with a terrific topline and spring of rib. The Solution females here have bred well with plenty of softness.
Heifer’s first calf.
Top 5% IMF. Top 10% Rump fats. Top 20% Rib fat.
Lot 31
Bayview Trevor L118 (P)(TWIN)
A Hurricane son who was part of our successful Show Team who is very slick coated and soft.
Top 15% Domestic and Northern Maternal Index’s. Top 20% 400D, 600D wgts, Days to Calving, Rib/Rump fats.

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