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Belmore Bull Sale

 2020 – Naracoorte

Bayview would like to thank Belmore for asking us to be involved with their unled sale and appreciate the opportunity to allow us to put our genetics on display.
Bayview thank all Buyers and Underbidders who support this Sale.

Details of the 8 bulls that we offered at the 2020 Sale are below.
YouTube playlist of all 8 bulls

All bulls have been Semen tested and are JBAS 8.
Photos and YouTube video of each bull below. Any enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact Chris on 0407 606 831.
Copy of P104
Lot 25 – Bayview Austin P104 (P)
YouTube video
Sold to G R Foster & Co, Naracoorte for $11,000.
A dark red bull with softness & do-ability. First sons of Glengyron Legacy to be offered in 2020. Maternal brother sold here in 2018. Top 1% Rump fat. Top 10% Calving ease direct. Top 20% Rib Fat. Top 30% IMF.
Copy of P75
Lot 26 – Bayview Wagner P75 (P)
YouTube video
Sold to G M Butler & Sons, Naracoorte for $9,500.
A bull with an outstanding hindquarter & muscle expression. First sons of Nagol Park ELMT Logo to be offered in 2020. Top 20%Rib Fat. Top 25% Rump Fat.
Copy of P89 (2)
Lot 27 – Bayview Commissioner P89 (P)
YouTube video
Sold to Mark & Lindy Withers, Dalwoodman Station for $10,000.
An early maturing soft roan bull with a tremendous topline. First sons of Nagol Park ELMT Logo to be offered in 2020. Top 10% Scrotal.
Copy of P47 (2)
Lot 28 – Bayview Ambassador P47 (P)
YouTube video
A long dark red bull with balance & sire appeal. Maternal brother sold here for $9000. Top 10% Scrotal, 200wt. Top 15% MCW. Top 30% 400, 600wts, days to calving.
Copy of P28
Lot 29 – Bayview Bernard P28 (P)(AI)
YouTube video
A moderate easy doing bull with a balanced set of figures. Full brother sold here last year for $7000. Top 1% Rib & Rump fat. Top 10% Birth wt, Days to calving, CE Direct. Top 15% IMF.
Lots 50, 51 & 52 started the Sale
Copy of Copy of P39 (2)
Lot 50 – Bayview Camporeale P39 (P)
YouTube video
Sold to G M Butler & Sons, Naracoorte for $14,000.
A very thick moderate bull with a tremendous hindquarter & topline. Res Jnr Champion Adelaide Show 2019. 1st Legacy son sold for top price of $18,500 at Naracoorte Sale. Good calving ease, low birth wt, with big EMA and positive fats. Heifer’s 1st calf. Sire potential.
Semen Tested. JBAS 8.
Copy of Copy of P139 (3)
Lot 51 – Bayview Unique P139 (P)
YouTube video
Sold to Steve Withers, Springwood Station for $13,000.
ET calf out of B. Unique K11′s mother. Dam has bred calves selling to $30,000. Very good sire prospect with an outstanding topline and a big hindquarter. Class winner at Adelaide Show 2019. 1st son of Eloora Five Star offered by Bayview sold for $14,500 at Naracoorte Sale.
Semen Tested. JBAS 8.
Copy of Copy of P44 (2)
Lot 52 – Bayview Benchmark P44 (P)
YouTube video
Sold to Peter & Robbie Bateman, Millicent for $5,000.
An early maturing thick white bull that we have used over heifers at Bayview. Really good shape about him with natural doing ability and a lovely presence. Good calving ease and low birth weight combined with a big EMA.
Semen Tested. JBAS 8.



Lot 25 – 2017 Sale
Bayview Travis L53 (P)
Used in our herd in 2016 at Bayview. Tremendous carcase shape and depth of body.

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